Located on the island of Kaua'i, Hawai'i

An authority on Polynesian, Oceanic, and South Seas style tattooing and more

Where da locals stay!

We are a team of artists dedicated to creating one of a kind tattoos from all realms of tattoo styles. We offer a unique experience in a beautiful studio that pays homage to the indigenous cultures found throughout the Pacific ocean and beyond.

We are located in Hanapepe, Kauai at the Seto Building on the Hanapepe river.

4556 Awawa Road, Hanapepe, Hawaii 96716

The Kulture Kollective is founding artist Samuel Shaw, Thad Nakao, Keola Akau, Kalin Mier, Ashey Roney, and guest artists from around the globe.

We are licensed and regulated by the Hawaii Health department.

Please refer to the FAQ section for individual artists contact and appointment availabilty

Please respect that all the tattoos here with in are original tattoos and are never meant to be copied. Every tattoo is designed specifically for the wearer alone. To copy is kapu (forbidden) and would create bad mana for you.

Please respect the artist, the wearer, and these sacred ways!!

Latest News At Kulture

 Samuel Shaw has just launched his very first Limited Edition T-shirts. The "Kulture Tattoo Kollective" Team shirt and the "Mf Kulture" Ode to Hip Hop come in sizes Large to XXL.  The Mf Kulture is availble in Womens small to large. The shirts are all printed in a jumbo format using water-based and discharge inks and on Next Level T-shirts. The print becomes part of the fabric and wont crack and fade like traditionaly silk screened shirts fabric.  These shirts are meant to last and are of the highest quality.

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Henna By Ashley Roney

We our proud to announce that Henna artist Ashley Roney has joined up with the Kulture Tattoo Kollective to bring you her creative take on the ancient form of Henna. Often recognized as Henna tattoos. Mehndi, as it is known in India, its traditional roots are centuries old and its practices, symbolism, and traditions have been passed down through the ages by women. Traditionally the designs are placed on hands and feet but with todays modern generation you will see Henna placed on all visible areas of the body.

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